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Meme Kombat is an innovative blockchain project that brings together the exciting world of memes and the competitive thrill of battle arenas. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and the decentralized power of the Ethereum network, Meme Kombat aims to create a unique and engaging gaming experience.

What is Meme Kombat crypto

Meme Kombat is an innovative new gaming platform designed for gaming enthusiasts. From active betting to passive staking, there are rewards for all users.

Meme Kombat Roadmap

  • IDEAL GENERATION On the official Meme Kombat website, at the top of the landing page is our official presale buy form. This is the ONLY place you can purchase $MK presale tokens.
  • SELECT YOUR PAYMENT TYPE When buying $MK presale you have the choice of buying on Ethereum with Eth or USDT. You may also buy on the Binance Smart Chain using BNB or USDT. Once you have selected what chain and payment method you will move to step 3.
  • CONNECT YOUR WALLET If you do not already have a wallet connected, you will be prompted to connect your wallet now. Most wallets will default to Ethereum Mainnet, so if you are buying with ETH it will most likely default correctly. If you selected BSC, you may be prompted to approve switching networks.
  • SELECT HOW MUCH YOU WISH TO BUY Enter the amount of $MK tokens you wish to purchase. It’s important to remember that you must have at least .015 ETh to complete the transaction above and beyond what you wish to purchase. This threshold is lower for BSC, but a minimum is still required. Additionally, the minimum amount of $MK you can purchase is 5.
  • COMPLETE PURCHASE After entering the amount of $MK you wish to purchase you will be prompted to approve the transaction. Once you click approve, your purchase will execute on chain. This may take anywhere from 5 seconds to many minutes depending on network and contract traffic. Do not navigate away from this screen until you have completed your purchase.


The point of $MK isn't to just buy and trade, but to stake your token in Meme Kombat and bet on battles for the chance to win big! Alongside our regular battles we will also have larger, more hyped battles for people to participate in with large prizes for winners.


Half of total token supply will be set aside for the $MK presale. The intention is for all who buy presale to participate in Meme Kombat.

10% DEX

10% of the overall supply is reserved for pairing with a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange.


We have set aside a large percentage of the supply to support that ecosystem and help maintain balance.


$MK is all about participation and community engagement through the love of epic battles. So we have set aside a good amount of tokens for community rewards.

Purpose of Meme Kombat Token ($MK)

The Meme Kombat Token ($MK) serves as the core currency of the Meme Kombat arena, creating an ecosystem where players, stakeholders, and enthusiasts can interact and participate. The $MK is designed to be used in various ways within the Meme Kombat environment:

Automated Battles: Characters representing various Meme Coins engage in automated battles, with outcomes determined on-chain. These battles are brought to life through advanced AI technology, providing a captivating and unpredictable gaming experience.

Wagering: $MK holders can stake and wager their tokens on the outcomes of battles. Victorious players have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, including additional $MK tokens.

Staking for Passive Earnings: Beyond the arena, $MK holders can stake their tokens, earning a passive Annual Percentage Yield (APY). This staking mechanism rewards participants for their long-term support and engagement with the Meme Kombat community.


Meme Kombat Tokens are currently available for Presale on the Official Meme Kombat Website. The hard cap for the Presale is $10,000,000 with a starting token price of $0.166 USD each until November 2nd, 2023 and then the price will increase by 10% to $0.183 USD. After that point the presale will follow the schedule listed below under "Stages".


Meme Kombat represents a groundbreaking fusion of blockchain technology, AI-driven mechanics, and community-centered gaming. With its innovative battle dynamics, transparent tokenomics, well-defined roadmap, and an unyielding focus on community engagement, Meme Kombat stands as a promising and ambitious project in the rapidly evolving blockchain gaming industry.

The strategic alignment of various components, from the technical architecture to marketing endeavors, underscores the project's commitment to providing an engaging, secure, and transparent platform. As the Meme Kombat community continues to grow and evolve, the dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and continuous improvement will likely see Meme Kombat becoming a respected name in the space.

In closing, Meme Kombat is more than a gaming platform; it's a community-driven ecosystem where blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and stakeholders can come together to explore, compete, and enjoy a next-level gaming experience.